Learners sometimes need to complete courses that are difficult to facilitate through a traditional Student Information System (SIS). These courses include non-degree or non-credit courses such as orientations, community enrichment sessions, and professional development for staff or faculty. Training and Development Manager v.2 (TDM) is a  Blackboard® Learn extension that can exist alongside a Blackboard Learn institution’s SIS to streamline these non-traditional courses, enhance the Blackboard Learn experience, and extend education to unregistered learners.

TDM is a SaaS product that allows institutions to set up a course catalog, configure course registration (including an optional payment gateway), and provide certificates for courses and programs without the need for additional integrations, expensive customizations, or third-party providers. TDM functions are easy to configure, so institutions can be confident that learners will have high-quality experiences. TDM v.2 delivers a brand-new functional user interface and premium features with a superior catalog experience on both the front and back ends.

TDM has several significant features:

  • Course Catalog with Self-Enrollment: Facilitates learner access to Blackboard Learn offerings by allowing learners to browse a catalog of available offerings and self-enroll in those offerings.
  • Learner Account Self-Creation: Enables prospective learners to create TDM accounts, allowing institutions to extend their offerings to broad populations.
  • Learner Dashboard: Allows learners to view their past, current, and upcoming offerings and see certificates they have already obtained and those still available to obtain.
  • Payment Gateway: Provides institutions with the ability to link to payment service providers such as PayPal and require payment for registration.

This help documentation applies to TDM v.2. If you need assistance with TDM v.1, please submit a help ticket to Behind the Blackboard. Please note that TDM v.1 will be retired before the end of 2023. Don't know which version of TDM you have? Click here to see the difference between TDM v.1 and TDM v.2.