Site reports

You have several reports available to you that help provide information about your site, subsites, channels, and sections. Navigate to Site Manager > Tools > Reports and select the report title for more information and to run or view the report.

  • Current Storage Usage by Site: view a report of how much storage each site is using.
  • User Groups: view a report of which users are assigned to each group.
  • Editors by Site: view a report of assigned Site Directors, Channel Directors, and Section Editors, organized by site.
  • Sections by Site: view a report of the total number of sections per site.
  • Last Modified Report: view a report of when content was last modified and by whom.
  • PassKey Usage Report: view a report that shows how often Passkeys are being used.
  • Subscription Report: view a report of the users who have subscribed to your website.
  • Calendar Event Registration Report: view a report of the users registered for a specific calendar event.

Other report options