Nämä tiedot koskevat vain alkuperäistä kurssinäkymää. Oppilaitoksesi määrittää, mitkä työkalut ovat käytettävissä.

In Either/Or questions, students are presented with a statement and asked to respond from two-choice answers:

  • Yes/No
  • Agree/Disagree
  • Right/Wrong
  • True/False

Either/Or questions are graded automatically.


Hamlet's famous monologue, "To be or not to be...," is a meditation on suicide.


Create an Either/Or question

  1. Access a test, survey, or pool. From the Create Question menu, select Either/Or.
  2. Type the Question Text and select a pair of Answer Choices from the menu.
  3. Select the Correct Answer.
  4. Optionally, type feedback for correct and incorrect answers.
  5. Select Submit and Create Another or Submit to add the question to the test.