See what we've been up to! Find out what's new in the latest release of the Blackboard app for Windows.

Version 3.1 released 10/31/17

Bug fixes.

Version 3.0 released 10/9/17

Bug fixes.

Version 2.9.10 released 9/4/17

Bug fixes.

Version 2.9.8 released 7/17/17

Notice something different about Bb Student? Don’t worry—this is the same app. We changed the name to Blackboard and freshened up the icon. The functionality remains the same.

  • App name change to Blackboard and new app tile.
  • Support for the Catalan language.
  • Bug fixes on all platforms.
  • Collaborate supports sessions with up to 500 participants.

Version 2.9.7 released 6/1/17

  • You can now reply to a reply in Ultra Course View discussions, just like the web view of the course.
  • Bug fixes and other improvements on all platforms.

Version 2.9.6 released 5/3/17

  • Bug fixes on all platforms
  • Calculated grades, such as running totals or averages that your instructor created, show in Grades. If a calculated total shows in a desktop browser but not in the app, your school hasn't updated Blackboard yet.

Version 2.9.5 released 4/5/17

  • Revised Google Drive authentication
  • High contrast visual support for Windows
  • Bug fixes on all platforms

Version 2.9.4 released 3/1/17

  • General bug fixes
  • Accessibility bug fixes

Older versions

Version 2.9.2 released 12/22/16

  • Bug fixes on all platforms
  • Improved accessibility
  • Large session support for up to 250 participants in Collaborate

Version released 12/19/16

  • Bug fixes

Version 2.9.1 released 12/1/16

  • In Collaborate sessions, you can set your avatar to let others know you're away
  • Fixed issue where some users were unable to share files in Collaborate sessions

Version 2.9 released 11/1/16

Support for Arabic and Hebrew.

Resolves issue where some students were unable to log in.

Version 2.8 released 10/3/16

Collaborate improvements. In Collaborate with the Ultra experience, you can enjoy an easier entry workflow on your mobile device.

Presenters and moderators can now share files in Collaborate sessions

Hidden courses. For all platforms, information for hidden courses is no longer visible in Grades and Activity Stream. Due to a performance issue, Due Dates still shows hidden course's information at this time.

New language. Language support now includes Irish.

Version 2.7 released 8/26/16

Various improvements and bug fixes were implemented. An issue where some users were unable to hide courses was resolved.

Version 2.6.1 (Windows 10) released 8/11/16

Blackboard 2.6.1 offers native Windows 10 support and improved performance, quality, and reliability on this platform. Blackboard 2.6.1 includes the same features as the Windows 8.1 version. Going forward, new Blackboard app features will be built for Windows 10 only. Current features will continue to work on Windows 8.1, but no new features will be added.

Version 2.6 released 8/1/16

Breakout groups in Collaborate with the Ultra experience are supported in all platforms.

  • Various improvements and bug fixes

Version 2.5 released 6/30/16

  • Resolves issue with media files not rendering properly
  • Collaborate stability improvements and bug fixes

Version 2.4 released 5/17/16

Discussions are now available! Quickly view and reply to course discussion activity.

Hide and show courses. You can manage which courses show in your Current course list. Scroll to the bottom of your course list. Tap the box to select which courses you want to hide.

  • Resolves issue on tablet where HTML was not properly rendering in content items
  • Fixes issue where avatar could not be modified

Version 2.3 released 4/5/16

Push notifications have arrived! The Blackboard app will keep you up to date and let you know when a test is coming up or is overdue. Curious about how you did on your last exam? You'll also get notifications when new grades are posted.

Norwegian and Finnish languages are now supported.

Improved support for HTML in course content items

Version 2.2 released 3/8/16

  • You can now change your profile avatar and view profile tiles that show which school you attend.
  • Resolves issue where uncategorized grades were not shown
  • Scrollable title bar for long file names in courses
  • Faster loading of course content

Version 2.1 released 1/5/16

The Blackboard app is now available in over 21 languages, including English, Chinese, Dutch, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. See the release notes for a complete list.

Students in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Australia, and parts of the Asia Pacific region can download the app.

Version 2.0 released 12/3/15

The Blackboard app 2.0 is here! You've asked and we've listened.

  • Connect your cloud accounts such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. You can now use your cloud-connected accounts to easily submit documents for class assignments.
  • Fixes single sign-on authentication crash
  • Improved save and submission workflows for assignments and tests

Version 1.3 released 11/4/15

  • Now available in Latin America. Students in Latin America can download the Blackboard app and use it to access their content, grades, and assignments.
  • Support for Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese languages.

Version 1.2 released 10/8/15

  • Resolves crash when refreshing Due Dates.
  • Improved error handling and messaging.

Version 1.1 released 8/17/15

  • Support for Canada. Students in Canada can now download and use the Blackboard app to access their content, grades, and assignments.
  • Due Dates. Students can see a long term view of upcoming assignments and tests across all of their courses. Work is color coded by course and grouped by day and week to provide a clear understanding of what's due.