Push notifications pop up on your mobile device for these events:

  • Course announcements
  • Test available
  • Test due or past due
  • New grades
  • New content item
  • New course available

Push notifications are generated for course announcements but not system announcements. System announcements appear in the app's activity stream. System announcements may also show in Announcements within courses if the sender selected that option.

Push notifications are available only for systems running Blackboard Learn with the Original experience. Push notifications aren't available for the Ultra experience or Ultra courses at this time.

Do I have the Original experience or the Ultra experience?

In certain conditions, the Blackboard app on iOS may receive additional notification types beyond the listed notification types. Android displays only the listed notification types.

Turn on or change notification settings on your device

Select OK if your mobile device asks if you want to allow notifications for the Blackboard app.

You can change how your device displays notifications and turn them on or off.

  • iOS: Go to Settings. Select Notifications and locate Blackboard in the list of apps.
  • Android: Go to Settings. Locate Apps, select Blackboard, and tap Notifications.

Change push notifications in your Blackboard account

Too many push notifications? Log in to your Blackboard web account on your computer to change the types of notifications you receive. If you're unable to edit the mobile notifications, your school's Blackboard administrator has set them to be always on or always off.

Not receiving push notifications? Make sure you turn on notifications for your Blackboard web account AND on your mobile device.