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We have compiled a list of updated URLs for the most visited Web Community Manager help topics for teachers. 

Top Topics and URLs
Subject Description/Link Included topics
Core resources Quick links to help topics Topics include app showroom, Blackboard Ally, assignments, calendar, e-alerts, FAQs, Google custom search navigation, reports, passkeys, passports, statistics, workspaces, and more.
Navigating your site Navigating WCM Topics include navigating your website, how your site is organized, your dashboard, an introduction to site manager, how to navigate site manager, and workspace information.
Section workspace overview Information on using the section workspace Topics include summary tab, tools tab, editors & viewers tab, membership tab, statistics tab, and How do I tab.
Accessibility Creating accessible workspaces Topics include heading structure, images, links, lists, tables, and keystroke commands.
Adaptive content Creating adaptive content Topics include creating adaptive content, page configuration best practices, and creating consistent content.
Add pages Adding pages to your workspace Topics include adding pages to your workspace, best page layouts, page type descriptions, editing, and organizing your pages.
Add apps Adding apps to your workspace Topics include adding apps to your page, apps best practices guide, and app placement suggestions.
App showroom WCM App Showroom Topics include WCM available apps, app suggestions, and links to specific app pages.
Attachments Adding attachments Topics include attaching videos, photo galleries, removing an attachment, and attaching files to a calendar event.
Community media settings Configuring community media settings Topics include social settings configuration, available social settings, community editing, commenting, rating, and RSS feed information.
Create online content Creating online content Topics include writing for the web, editor tools, writing accessible content, and tips for using graphics.
Files and folders Managing files and folders Topics include uploading, updating, renaming, and moving files, getting a link for a file, downloading files, and deleting files.
Forms and surveys Using forms and surveys Topics include accessing forms and surveys, adding a new form, adding a new survey, copying and importing forms and surveys.
Google Integration Integrating your Google calendar Topics include 
Moderate content Approve or decline content Topics include which apps are moderated apps, how to approve or decline content and how to provide feedback.
Recycle bin Using the recycle bin Topics include using the page recycle bin, deleting pages, and restoring deleted pages.
Reports Information on WCM reports Topics include where to find reports, how to run reports, subscription report, and calendar event registration report.
Social media Using social media in WCM Topics include adding social media feeds and apps, configuring social settings, community editing, commenting, rating, and RSS feeds.
Social media sharing Configure what you share via social media Topics include configuring your social media settings, uploading a meta image, sharing your record, Facebook and Twitter validator tools.