If your district or school uses the Social Media Manager feature, you can review the impact of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts using the Post Analytics report.

Access the Post Analytics Report

  1. From the Blackboard Communications HQ interface menu, select Reports.
  2. From the Social Media area, select Post Analytics.
  3. Select the School, the Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter Account Type, and the specific Date Range.
  4. Select Generate Report.

    The report will display the chart of Views for each posts; and the comments, likes, and shares as Engagements. This report lists the Post name, Account that added post, the Date of the post, the number of Views, the counts of user Engagements, and percentage of how the post engagements Rate compared to other posts during the time frame.

    Sort the report by any of the columns, such as the Rate column to see the highest rated post.