Rubrics improvements – 3900.65

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Impact: Instructors

Rubrics play a critical role in the grading process for many educators. We've made significant enhancements to the rubric-based grading experience.

Performance level descriptions are now hidden by default. This change streamlines grading when instructors are familiar with the performance level requirements. Instructors can choose to display the performance descriptions if needed for grading.

Sometimes instructors change their minds when grading. Now it’s possible to deselect a performance level if choosing another level of performance isn’t appropriate. Criterion feedback is also collapsible, allowing for a more streamlined view of the grading panel.

Making Blackboard Learn inclusive and accessible is important to us, so we’ve improved keyboard navigation of rubrics. Navigate between rubric criteria with tab and use up/down arrows to select a performance level.

Image 1. Option to show criterion descriptions

Option to show criterion descriptions

Image 2. Option to collapse criterion feedback

Option to collapse criterion feedback

For administrators: This feature is available for all Ultra courses. There are no configurations needed.

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