Ally 2.5.5 | Release to production: February 1, 2023

Updated features, Learn integration, Canvas integration, Moodle integration, D2L Brightspace integration

Alternative Formats views count towards Progress Tracking in Blackboard Learn Ultra

Blackboard Learn Ultra has the capacity to keep track of the course progress for both instructors and students. After a learner downloads an Alternative Format of any content file, the course content will indicate its progress.

Progress Tracking in Blackboard Learn Ultra

Instructors will see the progress made by learners based on their access to the original file or an Alternative Format. For further information about Progress Tracking, refer to the Progress Tracking Release note in Learn Ultra 3900.58.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue where custom javascript —present in certain Canvas integrations— conflicted with the Ally javascript, resulting in some features of the rich text editor, including the scrollbar and the save button, being hidden during content editing