Content Moderation Overview

Approve or decline content before it is posted to your website.

Users with the Manage moderated groups in Content Moderation privilege can create groups of workspaces that require review. Users who edit apps on these moderated workspaces are required to submit their changes for moderation. Moderators then review and approve or decline the content before it is posted to your website.

If approved, the content is posted and the editor is informed. If declined, the editor is informed and the content isn't posted.

Moderators get emails when new content is ready for approval. Editors are emailed the approval decision.

What is moderated?

Not all changes to a moderated workspace require approval. Only changes made to apps that allow moderation are sent for approval.

This means that editors can add, remove, and reorganize channels, sections, pages, and apps without needing approval. It is only when they update a moderated app that they need to submit it for approval.

For example, a user can add the Announcement app to a page in a moderated workspace. The app is added without needing approval. If the user then wants to post a new announcement on the website from that app, they need to send the announcement content for approval.

If content is being moderated, the app's Save button changes to Send for Approval.

Not every app is moderated. For example, custom apps are not moderated.

Moderated apps
App Moderated Not Moderated
About Teacher YES  
Alumni Director YES  
Announcements YES  
Assignment   NO
Blog YES  
Book List YES  
Calendar   NO
Content YES  
Discussion YES  
Document Viewer YES  
Embed Code YES  
File Library YES  
Heading YES  
Headlines & Features YES  
Image YES  
Link Library YES  
Lunch Menu YES  
Maps & Directions YES  
Minibase   NO
Photo Galley   NO
Podcast YES  
Premium Video   NO
School Directory YES  
Site Shortcuts   NO
Staff Directory YES  

Approve or Decline Content

Approve or decline content

Moderators are emailed when someone changes content on a moderated workspace. The content must be approved in the Approval Queue before it is posted to the website.

Select the link to Approval Queue in your email or from Site Manager select CONTENT MODERATION and Approval Queue.

  • View: Preview the content before you approve or decline it.
  • Approve: Post the content on the site. An email is sent to the editor letting them know it is approved.
  • Decline: Don't post the content on the site. An email is sent to the editor letting them know it was declined. You can give feedback in the Declined Content Comment area.