Separate your apps on a page

The Divider app is a useful way to separate content on your web pages. Use it for accessibility to break up large amounts of information and chunk similar information in the same place. Place the Divider app between other apps on your page and specify a Divider Type, blank space, line, dotted line, or dashed line. The divider type you select for the app displays when you view the page on the end-user website. Use the same divider type for visual cues and to make your content accessible by screen readers.


Add the Divider app

Drag the Divider app onto your page.

  1. Select your Divider Type using the drop-down.
  2. Select Save.

You can update the Options for the divider including showing the app name, setting the number of records, and sharing options, but these are rarely needed for the Divider app.

Edit the Divider app

Navigate to the page containing the app and select Edit page.

  1. Select Edit on the divider app
  2. Choose the new Divider Type.
  3. Select Options.
  4. Type an App Name and provide a description.
  5. Select Show the app name on my page to list the app name on your page.
  6. Choose your Display Settings.
  7. Select Save Options.