Sessions (either meetings or drop-ins) can be scheduled over long periods of time and re-used a number of different times. Each time someone logs in to the session, a new "room" is created. A room is an instantiation of a session, created as soon as the session is launched. For example, if someone enters your virtual office and leaves, and then another person enters and leaves, there will be two rooms associated with your virtual office session.

Recordings are associated with rooms, rather than sessions. Therefore, a separate recording can be created each time your session is used.

It is important to understand that only one recording can be created for a single room. The Blackboard Collaborate server does not create the final recording file until the last person has logged out of the room. If you leave the same room open all day, stopping and starting the recording, you will not generate multiple recordings.

If you want separate recordings for different topics or modules covered in your class or meeting, everyone will have to exit the session and log back in to the session (creating a new room) - but not until you receive the Recording Notification email (then you'll know the room has been completely shut down). Once in the new room, click on Record button to start a new recording.

Recordings adopt the Session/Room name. If you want to uniquely identify a recording you can rename it in the recording Description field. For details, see Manage Recording Files.