Macmillan Learning

Blackboard and Macmillan Learning have partnered to provide seamless access to Macmillan’s LaunchPad, Writer's Help, Sapling Learning, and SaplingPlus content directly within the Blackboard Learn platform. With the Macmillan Learning integration, you can customize your courses to reflect your specific teaching goals and improve student engagement. You can easily select the high quality content you need, customize it to meet the needs of each course, and assign it at the chapter and asset level within a Blackboard Learn course.

This integration works with Blackboard Learn Release 9.1 SP 10 and later.

Features and benefits

  • Seamless access: Single sign-on provides you and your students with the convenience of one login for all course resources.
  • One gradebook, automatically updated: Grades for all Macmillan assignments and assessments automatically post to the Blackboard Learn Grade Center, giving you and your students one destination to monitor class performance.
  • Deep linking: Chapter- and asset-level linking functionality allows you to link to the Macmillan content that matches your specific course needs, ensuring students have easy access to the right learning resources at the right time.
  • Familiar workflows: Access to Macmillan content within the course content area makes it easy for you to find and adopt content within your native Blackboard Learn workflow.
  • Student data privacy: Student information remains secure through full compliance with student privacy standards, such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Integrated Macmillan Learning products

  • Macmillan LaunchPad: Macmillan's acclaimed content-e-Books, videos, animations, LearningCurve adaptive quizzes, tutorials, are more curated and organized for easy assignability, resulting in superior book-specific content in a breakthrough user interface.
  • Writer's Help 2.0: A robust online writing resource with powerful search functionality and interactive content that is easy for instructors to integrate into their courses.
  • Sapling Learning: Created by and for educators, Sapling Learning online homework drives student success with one-on-one educator support and time-saving tools.
  • SaplingPlus: SaplingPlus includes Sapling Learning's online homework plus pre-class assessment tools (such as LearningCurve adaptive quizzing), a full ebook, and additional teaching and learning resources.

Get started

Your administrator can activate the Partner Cloud Building Block, which includes the Macmillan Learning integration, at no cost. After the Partner Cloud Building Block is available and the Macmillan integration is configured, you can add Macmillan content to your Blackboard Learn courses. In a content area, select Content Market from the Partner Content menu. Select Macmillan Learning from the menu of available publisher content.

The first time you attempt to add Macmillan content, you will be prompted to register or log in to your Macmillan account to associate your Macmillan course with your Blackboard Learn course. Moving forward, this association will provide single sign-on for you and your students in the course, direct access to Macmillan content, and grade synchronization with the Blackboard Grade Center.

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