Import Courses from Moodle

Administrators can easily import your institution's Moodle courses to Learn Ultra while preserving as much course material and customization as possible. 

Conversion supports Moodle versions 4.0 and upwards.

Topics on this page include:

Create Moodle course backup

To import a course from Moodle to Ultra, you need to download a course backup. You can create a backup from within a Moodle course or bulk export packages using a CLI script. Visit for more information on bulk exports.


You can create a course backup from within Moodle.

  1. From the course's main page, select the More menu.
  2. Select Course reuse.
  3. Go to the dropdown menu at the top, then select Backup.
  4. By default, all settings and activities are selected. We recommend including all items in your backup.
  5. Select Perform backup.
  6. When the backup's complete, select Continue.
  7. You can now download the backup file as an .mbz extension from the course backup area.

Import Moodle course backup to Learn

You can now import the Moodle course backup to Learn.

Learn Administrator Panel

  1. In the Courses section, select Courses.
  2. Select Import Package.
  3. Provide the Destination Course ID. If this course ID already exists in the database, Blackboard Learn adds the material from the imported course to the existing course. If this course ID doesn't exist in the database, Blackboard Learn creates a new course with this ID.
  4. In the Select a Package section, select Browse to navigate to the course package and select Open.
  5. In Select Course Materials, select the check boxes for each course area and tool to include in the destination course.
  6. Select Submit.

Bulk Convert courses from Learn Original to Ultra

Moodle courses are converted to Learn Original courses. The next step is to convert the Original courses to Ultra courses. You can convert multiple courses at once.

  1. Go the the Administrator Panel. In the Courses section, select Courses.
  2. Search for courses that you'd like to convert. You can narrow down your results with the filtering options. Select Go.
  3. Select the checkbox next to each course that you'd like to convert to Ultra.
  4. Select the Bulk Convert Actions menu.
  5. Select Bulk Convert. A conversion task will be created for each course selected and added to the system task queue. You'll receive either a success message or a warning message based on your selection.
    These messages are examples:
    • Success: “The conversion tasks are now queued. Courses that are available, using the Ultra Course View, or ultra course preview were not included.”
    • Warning: “The conversions tasks were not created. The courses selected were either available, using the Ultra Course View, or Ultra course preview.”

Check the conversion status of courses

Bulk conversions are sets of queued tasks. There's a limit of two (2) conversions that can be processed at a time.

  1. Go to the Administrator Panel. In the Tools and Utilities section, select Logs.
  2. Select System Tasks Status.

You'll see a list of tasks. Each course being converted will have its own conversion task and status. You'll see Convert to Ultra: COURSEID as the title for bulk conversion tasks. The type is Bulk Convert for Bulk Conversion tasks.

ou'll see a list of tasks. Each course/organization being converted will have its own conversion task and status.

Content types that will convert

As we make improvements in the conversion process, the supported list will expand.

  • Announcements
  • Assignments
  • Books
  • Chapters
  • Choices (only for Original course view)
  • Discussions
  • Files
  • Folders
  • Glossaries (only for Original course view)
  • Lessons
  • Pages
  • Quizzes (Some Question Types)
    • Multiple Choice (Single Answer) 
    • Multiple Choice (Multiple Answers)
    • True/False 
    • Matching 
    • Short Answer 
    • Numerical 
    • Essay 
    • Calculated 
    • Calculated Multichoice (Single Answer) 
    • Calculated Multichoice (Multiple Answers) 
    • Calculated Simple
  • SCORM packages
  • Sections
  • Text and Media Areas
  • Topics
  • URLs
  • Visibility Settings
    • Show on course page (Visible to students)
    • Hide on course page (Hidden from students)
  • Wikis (only for Original course view)

Content types that will NOT convert

These items are not currently brought over during the conversion process:

  • Chats
  • Competencies
  • Databases
  • Due Dates
  • Gradebook
    • Categories
    • Letters
    • Scales
  • Graded Discussions
  • Question Types
    • Drag-and-Drop Into Text
    • Drag-and-Drop Markers
    • Drag-and-Drop Onto Image
    • Embedded Answers
    • Random Short-Answer Matching
    • Select Missing Words
    • Description
  • Restrictions
  • Rubrics
  • Surveys
  • Tags
  • Visibility Settings
    • Make available but don't show on course page (Hidden from students)
  • Workshops

Participation and activity data are not preserved during the conversion process. Items like posts on Discussions, Assessment submissions, and grades are all removed.