Integration Tab Overview

SmartView has the capability of integrating with school systems, which allows us to see and provide assistance with the following:

  • Personal Account Information
  • Financial Aid Information
  • Reset Passwords to College Systems
  • Current Registration
  • Online Course Information

Verification / FERPA Information

The Demographic section on the Integration tab displays a user's account information, as well as that of a parent if they are on file.


Within the Integration tab are sub-tabs that provide navigation to essential information about the student.

Tracker sub-tab

The Tracker sub-tab displays trackers and corresponding information for Financial Aid, Student Accounts, and Admissions. The trackers will illustrate the phase and stage of the student lifecycle that the student is currently in. The trackers are designed to help you proactively assist the student by providing them with the information needed to progress to the next stages and phases in their student lifecycle.

Along with each phase and stage, an article is presented to help you find additional information that may help address the student's question or provide the basis for escalating their issue back to the campus.

Service Indicators sub-tab

The Service Indicators sub-tab contains information regarding account holds or other service indicators on a student's account that may impact refunds or services. The list contains information such as an indicator code, description, reason, reason description, restriction start date, restriction end date, service impact, service impact description, and comments.

Internal documentation is available to guide you in communicating the information to a student. The student may want to know how the hold impacts them, what they can do to have the hold released, and under which conditions the student should escalate the issue to the appropriate office at the college.

Financial Aid Information sub-tab

The Financial Aid Information sub-tab contains information regarding financial aid. It is organized by financial year, which you can select from a dropdown list. The list of years is populated based on data available in your school's SIS.

The dashboard displays sections as detailed in the following table for the selected financial aid year.

Ribbon Contents
ISIR Suspense Information on the load status of the ISIR record being used to process aid for the student.
Need Summary Information on the academic year EFC and non-standard EFC (if used). Values provided include cost of attendance, expected family contribution, need amount, total aid, unmet need, and unmet COA.
Award Activity Information regarding the aid package offered to the student, which gives you a full view of the student's financial aid package.
Disbursement Ribbon Information regarding the disbursement of various awards to the student, organized by term.
Common Origination and Disbursement Information COD information including MPN status, entrance counseling received, action date, and COD origination status.
FA Term Info Information listed for academic plan, FA load, and various credits.
SAP The student's SAP status.

Financial Aid Communication sub-tab

This tab includes detailed checklist items, correspondence, and comments about the student for each aid year. It is organized by aid year, which you can select from a dropdown list.

This sub-tab displays three ribbons for each financial aid year.

Ribbon Contents
Check List Checklist items for the given aid year, including the administrative function, checklist and item codes, item description, status date and description, and instructions to students.
Correspondence A list of student correspondence for the given aid year, including the administrative function, category codes, description, letter code, method, date completed, and direction.
Comments A list of comments made for the given aid year, including the administrative function, comment, and comment date.

Student Accounts sub-tab

The Student Accounts sub-tab includes detailed account transaction information, including account balance, transaction detail, and refund information.

This tab contains three ribbons.

Ribbon Contents
Account Balance Term, anticipated aid, and account balance.
Account Detail Term, posted date, description, classification code, and amount.
Refunds Term, processed date, description, recipient, and amount.

Academic Records and Registration sub-tab

This tab includes the admissions data, academic program detail, and registration data for terms in which the student is/was enrolled.

This tab contains five ribbons.

Ribbon Contents
Admissions Application create date, effective term, effective date, completion status, residency status, campus, and acceptance status.
Current Program Plan Academic program, plan sequence, academic plan, program status, and financial aid eligibility.
Academic Records Placement test detail, including date taken, description, component name, score, date loaded, and college name.
Transcripts Institution name, transcript type, date received, and attendance start and end dates.
Registration Summary Academic plan and program detail, as well as registration detail for enrolled courses by term.