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Web Conferencing 12.6.9

Web Conferencing 12.6.9 | Release to Production 1 August 2018
Updated Features

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Application launch on windows no longer produces IOException in case the path to the eLiveBrowser contains spaces.
  • JNLP files no longer contains duplicate resource definition of an older jxBrowser jar. The JNLP files no longer include engine-webkit-3.3 in the common resources. The engine-webkit-3.4.jar is now an OS X specific resource only.
  • JNLP files extended with a VERSION field that is used by the Blackboard Collaborate Application Launcher to treat older and new GEMINI client launches correctly.
  • Application launch on MacOS no longer produces a JxBrowser initialization exception whenever the JWS decides to perform relaunch.
  • All the non-3rd party internal DLL and EXE files were signed and should no longer produce security alerts.
  • Signed bundled browser executable.
  • Appshare crashing using dual monitors on machines with Retina display.

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SAS 18.2

SAS 18.2 | Release to Production 14 April 2018
Updated Features

In this release, we improved reliability by ensuring that session closures are registered by SAS, so that attendance and recordings are properly processed.

Blackboard Collaborate Mobile App 1.2.5

Blackboard Collaborate Mobile App 1.2.5 | Release to Production 6 Sept 2017
Updated Features

  • Updates
    • Now supports 64bit architecture
    • Now supports iOS8 and above
  • Resolved issues
    • The application no longer crashes when accessing the Settings page.

Web Conferencing 12.6.8

Web Conferencing 12.6.8 | Release to Production 30 April 2017
Updated Features

  • Updates
    • New signing certificate. This means a significant increase of bandwidth on NA download sites and longer time of the first invocation. 
    • Includes SENA customization
    • JDK updated to 1.7 in Gemini server. It is related to SSL grade improve.
    • SSL grade improved to C from F for all secure protocols including JINX
  • Resolved issues
    • There is no longer a video error when user accounts containing accented characters in the user name / path connect to webcam using the launcher on Windows.
    • Multimedia file no longer play only once in Windows 10 machines.

Web Conferencing 12.6.6

Web Conferencing 12.6.6 | Release to Production 21 September 2015
Updated Features

  • New features
    • Web Conferencing is a maintenance release and contains no new features.
  • Resolved issues
    • Capture devices are now working. No additional support is required.
    • Users on OSX 10.10 are able to save the whiteboard.
    • Users can now change the video camera device selection after a camera has been used.
    • Closed captioning stays in focus when the Web Tour has started.
    • Collaborate no longer locks up when using Web Tour.
    • An EXTRA exception is no longer sent when a moderator copies a whiteboard slides from a break out room to the main room.

Web Conferencing 12.6.4

June 2015

Web Conferencing is now localized into Czech.