Start, Continue, and View Assessment options and file submission update – 3900.69

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Impact: Students

To increase clarity for students before they begin an assessment, we have made changes to the user interface. In the past, when a student selected an assessment, the Details & Information panel included an option labeled View assessment. Now this option is labeled as Start attempt. Additionally, the button displays different states based on the student's progress:

If the student is eligible to make a new attempt, the button displays Start attempt alongside the next attempt number.

If the student has saved a draft, the button displays Continue attempt along with the current attempt number.

Once the student has exhausted all possible attempts, the button displays View submissions. This indicates that students can review their completed submissions.

These modifications aim to provide a more intuitive and informative experience for students. These changes ensure that students have a clear understanding of their progress and available options throughout the assessment process.

Image 1: Start attempt

Start attempt

Image 2: Continue attempt

Continue attempt

Image 3: View submissions

View submissions

To clarify how a student can attach files or add content to their submissions, we have updated the instructions in the Submission section. The instructions now read as follows: Drag and drop files here or select (click) to add text.

Image 4: Student view of the assignment Submission area

Student view of the assignment Submission area

For administrators: This feature is available for all Ultra courses. There are no configurations needed.

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