How do I view Blackboard Learn in another language?

You can see Blackboard Learn in different languages with language packs. You can set language packs at three levels: system, course level, and user.

System level

Your institution defines one language pack as the system default. This language appears if no other language packs are set at the course or user level.

Course level

In some cases, instructors can set a different language pack. If the language pack is enforced, everyone sees that language pack. For example, a Spanish instructor might force all users to view the course material in Spanish. If the language pack isn't enforced, you can set your language pack to another language, if available. Your language pack preference overrides the course language pack if the course language pack isn't enforced.

User level

At the user level, individuals may select their preferred language packs.

Can I get help on this site in other languages?

Yes, Blackboard translates the help for some products into other languages. To change the language you are viewing, select another language in the upper-right corner of this page.

How do I change the language pack?

  1. Select the arrow next to your name in the page header at the top of the page.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Personal Information.
  4. Select Change Personal Settings.
  5. Select a language pack from the menu.
  6. Select Submit.

Language preference settings remain in the same location regardless of which language you select.

The check spelling tool supports English (United States), English (Great Britain), French, and Spanish. The check spelling tool doesn't work with other language packs. If the check spelling tool doesn't recognize the language pack, it uses a supported dictionary.