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Deactivated students no longer show in the student progress reports – 3900.62

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Impact: Instructors

Instructors want to know their students’ engagement with course material. The per item progress report offers the information needed, such as if a student has started or if an item is unopened. Now this report excludes deactivated students. This may happen when a student drops the course. The numbers in the report are aligned with the actual number of active students in the course. Students who cannot access the course but are not deactivated will continue to display. These students who cannot access are identified in the report.

Image 1. Progress report before and after students have been deactivated.


Progress report before, showing students who have been deactivated


Progress report after. Students who have been deactivated no longer appear.

For administrators: You must enable progress tracking to see this report. A deactivated student is one where the Student Information System sets the row status of either the user or enrollment record to the disabled state.

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