Calendar options are used to set the days of the week, the starting and ending dates and no-school days. These only need to be set if you plan to use the class for recording attendance marks.

In Easy Grade Pro, a class is an entity within a single term only; the calendar that you set up should reflect this. If you use Easy Grade Pro's Term options to combine student data across terms, you will be able to obtain attendance totals for multiple terms. This is explained in Working with Terms.

To edit calendar options:

  • Choose Class Options from the Edit menu and select the Calendar tab.
  • Set the days of the week that the class meets. If your class meets on varying days, be sure to select any day that the class might meet. Once you begin recording student attendance marks, the days of the week cannot be changed.
  • Set the first day of the term by clicking on the date in the first calendar. Once you begin recording attendance marks, the first day of the term can't be changed.
  • Set the last day of the term and the no-school days on the other calendars. These can be changed at any time.