Use Blackboard Collaborate Plan to organize and script session content ahead of time, automating routine tasks so you can focus on facilitating real-time interaction.

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Organize content and interactions ahead of time

Drag-and-drop plan creation and a plan validation tool helps you easily find errors. Then during your Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing session, trigger each action, like starting the recording, advancing to the next slide, creating breakout rooms, loading and presenting a quiz, or playing a multimedia file, with a single click.

Not a technical expert or experienced online instructor?

Each session plan created with Blackboard Plan guides you through the activities of the live session, automating the routine tasks. So you can focus on delivering material, facilitating interaction, and optimizing the learning experience.

Use Blackboard Collaborate Plan to

  • Package content and interactions for live session in a single file
  • Automate routine tasks of running a session
  • Trigger each action in live session with a single click of the Next button
  • Focus on delivery and interaction
  • Expand use of real-time interaction to all instructors
  • Leverage institutional expertise and limited teaching resources
  • Ensure consistent delivery by multiple presenters
  • Reduce reliance on co-facilitators to reduce cost
  • Store plans in LMS/CMS systems, on local networks, or CD-ROM

Plan continues to work with Elluminate Live!