Mobile Communications App 5.6.19 Release

Continuous Delivery 5.6.19 | Release to Production Jan, 2022

Here's what the Blackboard Mobile Communications App 5.6.19 release includes:

  • New feature
  • Updated features
  • Bug fix
  • Maintenance update

New feature

Launch OTP

Users can authenticate with the user name, email address, or phone number linked to their account.

Updated features

We've implemented a safeguard to hide navigation to any HTTP:// web pages without the SSL security certificate. We only show navigation icons that link to HTTPS:// web pages.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed a design break on the superintendent biography page.
  • We fixed a UI error in the permissions popup of the BB District app School Finder.
  • In IOS 15, the headers and settings in the BB District app showed in black instead of blue. We've fixed this issue.
  • We have fixed the push notification crash issue in the Android 12 version update.We've fixed the issue with the images not showing from the Blackboard website feed on the mobile app.

Maintenance update

Android 12:

We've upgraded the Android platform support for the advantage of new APIs and capabilities in Android 12.

iOS 15:

We've integrated the iOS 15 SDK and the apps are built on Xcode 13 for a great user experience.