Enable Google sign-on

Allow users to sign-in with their GoogleTM login information. To do this, turn on Google sign-on and make sure user accounts are associated with their Google email address.

  1. From Site Manager, select CONFIGURE and select System Settings.
  2. Select Integration.
  3. Check Google under Signin Providers.
  4. Select Save.

Associate Google email address with users

Before a user can sign-in with their Google account, their user account must be associated with their Google email address. You can do this when you create or update user accounts directly on the Web Community Manager (WCM) or in your Student Information System (SIS).

Each user account can have only one unique email address associated with it. The Google email addresses can use school domains if you have that set up in Google.

If users are having trouble authenticating with their Google account, confirm each account has a unique Google email address associated with it.

More on creating and editing user accounts

Google authentication process

When users select Sign in with Google, the Google Account sign-in page appears. The user then provides their login information to sign in with Google.

If the login information is correct, the Google API passes the email, basic user profile information and a Google ID to the Blackboard Web Community Manager (WCM). If this is the user's first time signing in using Google, Blackboard verifies that the email address is associated to a user account. If it is, we save the Google ID and log the user into the Blackboard product.

The basic user profile information includes the user’s first and last name, email, image, and locale.

If we can’t find the Google email in a Blackboard user account, the user can’t log in with their Google account.

The next time the user signs in with their Google account, Google API passes the email and Google ID to the WCM. Since the Google ID is already stored, the user is authenticated and logs into the Blackboard product without having to recheck the email address connection.