Improved flattening logic– 3900.69

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Impact: Instructors

Items can move when copied, imported, or converted into Ultra courses. We call this the flattening process. The process moves items with a depth greater than two to the lowest supported level in Ultra courses. For institutions that have opted in to a third level of depth, items with a depth greater than three move to the lowest supported level. We received feedback from instructors calling for improvements to this process.

One issue was that items were not retained in their parent folder. As a result, a course could have many empty folders at the lowest supported level. The items that used to be in those folders would also be at the lowest supported level. This made it difficult for instructors to understand where items used to be. They had to spend a lot of time finding and moving items.

The second issue was with Learning Modules. Learning Modules could become nested inside other Learning Modules or Folders. Nested Learning Modules are not supported in Ultra courses. These nested Learning Modules set the wrong expectation for new users. This also broke the user interface.

With this update, we implemented new logic:

  • Learning Modules are always brought to the highest level on the Course Content page.
  • Folders are now brought to the highest level necessary to ensure that child items don't move.

This change should help instructors organize their moved content.

For administrators: This feature is available for all Ultra courses. There are no configurations needed.

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