Make your content adaptive

When adding content to your website, start by using multiple apps on a page, which makes your content adaptive. This means your content will respond to different screen sizes, like phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

In addition, using multiple apps on your page also allows you to better control the layout and spacing of information on the page, adding to readability.

Some layouts are better suited for certain apps or combinations of apps than others. You can find some suggestions in our Best Practices document.

Make your content consistent

Providing consistent messages to your staff, parents, students, and community is key. Consistent messaging doesn't just mean text consistency. It's also consistency with the layout, format, and markup code for browser rendering which creates an ideal experience for content writers and website visitors.

Use multiple apps on a page to better control the layout and spacing of information. Our apps include a consistent look-and-feel, consistent markup code allowing any type of browser access, and adaptive content that will respond to different size screens.

When creating your courses, use the same template for each course. While pages might have different layouts depending on the apps that are on them, make each information page the same layout across your courses. This will allow your students or visitors in multiple courses to know where to find each section of information on that page.