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Blackboard Learn initially installs three databases and three database users. This topic reviews the databases and database users of Blackboard Learn.

Administrators should not add data directly to the database or modify data in the database directly. Doing so may create serious problems in the system.


This database manages information about the databases. Legacy users will instead use the database name BBADMIN.


This is the main database. Legacy users will instead use the database name BB_BB60.


This is the statistics database. Legacy users will instead use the database name BB_BB60_STATS. It is useful for Administrators who wish to generate reports on usage, performance, and other metrics. Tracking data is sent to this database daily. To learn more about generating reports and managing the information in this database, see Running Advanced System Reports.

Database users

The following database users are created when Blackboard Learn is installed.

  • bblearn_admin
  • bblearn
  • bblearn_stats
  • services.threaddump
  • services.status

The bblearn_report user has limited access to view the BBLEARN database and can only see a subset of tables and columns.

Change the value in the file and then run the PushConfigUpdates command to change the password of a database user. Remember that the password must also be changed within the database to match the new password or the Blackboard Learn will not work properly.


For performance reasons, especially when using Oracle and licensing content management, CURSOR_SHARING should be set to the following:

  • Oracle 10g: EXACT or FORCE
  • Oracle 11g and later: EXACT

Access issues with groups and files may also occur.