Bringing it all together.

When you link your website account with your Blackboard Community Engagement account, you can create messages from your district and school website, your Blackboard Communications HQ web interface, or the Communications HQ app. In addition, you can post messages to the homepage(s) of your websites.

Your Blackboard representative can help you enable the universal navigation bar for your Blackboard Community Engagement solution to link your website with the communication programs.

Link the accounts

  1. From your universal navigation bar, select your school website.
  2. Type your Username and Password for your website.
  3. Select Sign In and Connect.

    You will receive a message that the accounts have been linked.

  4. Select Continue to <Your Website>.

    The universal navigation bar will also appear in the website interface.

Update your district and school's websites with Blackboard Web Community Manager.

Use message integration for your website

You create a message just as you would through Blackboard Mass Notifications, but now you can also post messages to your website.

  1. From the universal navigation bar, select Create Message to access the messaging interface.

    Depending on the features your district or school subscribes to, you can use the Send Message interface create the message once, and publish everywhere, including via text, phone, or email messages, via social media, or via push notifications to your mobile device.

    Check out the different features that are available.

  2. To post a message to the website:
    • Select the Website message icon.
    • Add message details.
    • Select the district and/or school websites that will include the message in the Headlines & Announcements areas.
  3. To post an on-screen alert to the website:
    • Select the Alert icon.

    • Add message details.
    • Select the district and/or school websites that will include the alert.
  4. When finished with the message, select Send.