Visual notifications are system messages sent to notify users when certain important events occur in a session. The notifications appear in a floating window. Multiple notifications are added to a queue. The first one appears until it times out or you dismiss it. Then, the next one appears, and so on.

Visual Notifications Example

  1. Timeout indicator
  2. Number of notifications in the queue
  3. Dismiss All and Dismiss

You can use the timeout indicator to judge how long a message will remain open. You can either click Dismiss to close a notification manually or wait for it to close automatically when the time runs out. Click Dismiss All when you want to close all of the notifications.

Enable and Disable Visual Notifications

In the Preferences window, you can enable or disable visual notifications. By default, all notifications are enabled.

When you configure preferences, Blackboard Collaborate remembers your settings for all sessions you join on the same computer.

  1. Open the Preferences window:
    • From the Edit menu, click Preferences (Windows).
    • From the Blackboard Collaborate menu, click Preferences (Mac OS X).
  2. In the left panel of the Preferences window, click Visual Notifications in the General section.
  3. Select or clear the check boxes to enable and disable the notifications for the various events.

    The changes you make in the Visual Notifications Preferences panel do not affect what appears in the event panel of the activity window.