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Option to convert Content Areas to Learning Modules – 3900.91

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Impact: Administrators
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In previous releases, Content Areas converted to Folders when converting Original courses to Ultra. We updated conversion so administrators can choose if Content Areas convert to Learning Modules or folders. 

Converting to Learning Modules is helpful for the following types of courses: 

  • Original Courses using more than one Content Area to organize course materials 
  • Courses migrating from Canvas, Brightspace, and Moodle Learning Management Systems 

The default setting is to convert Content Areas to Learning Modules. 

Image 1. Convert Content Areas to Learning Modules toggle

Ultra Experience Management page in the Admin panel, showing the option to Convert Content to Learning Modules at the bottom

For administrators: This feature is available for all Ultra courses. There are no configurations needed. We recommend administrators review this configuration to set the most appropriate institutional choice. 

A new configuration option is available on the Ultra Experience Management page. The default state is ON. When OFF, Content Areas will convert to Folders instead of Learning Modules.

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