Gallery view dynamic adjustment

Continuous Delivery Collaborate Ultra 21.12 | Release to Production 8 July 2021
Updated features

Streaming videos can demand a lot from your network connection or device, especially with a high number of videos such as the 25 at once that gallery view now supports. Collaborate will now monitor your experience and when the load is too much will automatically reduce the number of videos to 4, to improve your experience. When it does, it will show you a notification in the banner at the top of your screen.

You can also turn the full gallery view off yourself to limit to 4 videos, if you want. Go to My Settings, open the Audio and Video Settings, and uncheck the Auto (recommended) check box under Video Quality Experience. To turn Gallery view back, on check the Auto (recommended) check box any time you want.

Collaborate session open. Alert banner at the top of the screen and the Auto (recommended) option in My Settings are highlighted.