Attendees can be moderators, presenters, participants, and captioners in a session.

Curious who is who? Open the Attendees list to find out.

Session showing 4 video cards and attendees in Attendee list. Attendees are grouped as moderators, presenters, and participants.


Moderators have full control over all content being shared. They can make any attendee a presenter or a moderator. Moderators see hand raise notifications and can lower hands. They can remove attendees from a session, but they cannot remove other moderators. Moderators can set the session settings, including deciding what participants can and can't do. Moderators get email with links to their session recordings.

A Moderator label appears on the moderator's video. There is also a MOD label on the moderator when you type an attendee's name to mention them in chat. 

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Moderator video cards have a moderator label. There is also a Mod label beside moderators when tagging someone in chat.


The presenter role is designed to allow students to present without giving them full moderator privileges. Presenters can upload, share, edit, and stop sharing content. They can also see hand raise notifications and can lower hands.

A Presenter label appears on the presenter's video.

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Presenter video cards include a presenter label.


Participants can enable and disable notifications, such as when attendees enter and leave a session or when someone has posted something to the chat. Moderators decide if participants share audio and video, chat, and draw on the whiteboard or shared files.

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Participant video cards don't have a role label.


The captioner role is designed to provide an accessible learning experience for students who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as for students whose native language is different from the moderator's. An attendee is assigned this role by a moderator. The captioner is given an area to type what is being said. Other participants can view what the captioner is typing in real time. You can have multiple captioners for multiple languages.

A CC label appears beside the captioner in the Attendees list.

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Attendees who type captions don't have a label on their video card. There is a CC label next to the captionner in the Attendees list.