Add a profile picture

Having a social presence can be critical to a successful online learning experience. Something simple as adding a profile image can make learners more comfortable with participating online.

Preview of select profile picture with crosshairs to crop. The picture is followed by Cancel and I like it buttons.
  1. Open My Settings. Select your profile picture and select your name. Or, open the Collaborate panel and select My Settings.
  2. Point to the profile picture and select it.
  3. Upload any image or use your device camera to take a photo. You can choose to use this profile picture for every session.

    PNG, JPEG, and JPG are supported file types.

  4. Adjust the image area.
  5. Select I Like it!

Collaborate remembers your choice. You don't have to do this again from the same device or browser, unless you clear your cache.

If you joined by a guest web link instead of from a course, you'll need to upload an image for each new session you join.