Navigate your website

Each main site and subsite contain channels, or groups, of information. These channels are visible on every page of your site and allow you to navigate through the site with ease. The channels on each subsite may be different from those on the main site or any other subsite.

Whether you are on your main site or one of its subsites, you navigate to each section of the site in the same way.

  1. Hover over a channel name, like Departments in the image above. If there are sections in that channel, these sections appear in a drop-down list.
  2. Select a channel title or section title to navigate to the homepage of that location.

There are two instances when you may not see a drop-down list for a particular channel.

  • Only one section exists for a channel and Channel Homepage isn't activated for that channel.
  • The number of sections within the channel exceeds the value for drop-down lists. In this case, a directory page displays once the maximum number of sections is exceeded.

Select your school

Navigate to your school's homepage from anywhere in the site by using the Select a School menu.

Search your site

Use the Search this Site area to search your site using keywords or phrases.