Collaborate Timer


Set a timer and let your attendees know when you'll get started or how much time is left. Open the Collaborate panel, select Share Content and start the Timer.

If you are using breakout groups, set the timer in the main room. Everyone sees the timer. It doesn't matter what group they are in.

Collaborate Session Inactivity

Session inactivity

If attendees in a session are not active after a time, the session ends. This is to prevent long periods of quiet and inactivity at the end of recordings.

An active sessions includes these activities:

  • An attendee is speaking with their microphone on
  • Chat messages
  • Users joins or exit the session
  • Polling
  • Whiteboard edits and slide updates
  • Hand Raise
  • Content activity (upload, convert, delete, and so on)
  • Breakout Room activity
  • Timer

Moderators for inactive sessions see and hear a reminder that the session is open and will close in a minute. The audio alert sounds like a bounce or spring.

If you are hosting a long meeting that requires breaks, use the timer to keep the session active.