You create tests and assignments in a desktop web browser view of your course. You can preview tests and assignments in the app and change some settings.

Preview tests and assignments

Navigate to Course Content in the app and select a test or assignment. You can see the assessment's details, such as due dates, the number of attempts allowed, and whether it's visible students.

Tap Preview to see what students experience when they complete a test or assignment in the student app. You can preview hidden or unavailable assessments in Blackboard Instructor, but students won't see this content in the student app.

Some test features aren't available in the mobile app. We suggest that you preview a test in Blackboard Instructor before you recommend that students take it in the Blackboard app for students.

More on supported test content

Edit test and assignment settings

Select a test or assignment and tap the Settings icon to change settings such as the visibility to students, number of attempts, or due date. For more options, tap EDIT ON WEB to open the settings panel in a mobile browser.

Changes you make in the app are reflected in the web browser view of your course.

You can edit these test and assignment settings in the app.

  • TITLE: Provide an intuitive test title so students can easily find the test among your course content.
  • Visibility: Students can't see a test until you choose to show it.
  • Due Date: Due dates appear in the student app in Due Dates, Activity Stream, and on course items.
  • Description: The optional test description shows to students before they take the assessment.
  • Attempts Allowed: You can let your students submit more than one attempt at a test.
  • Maximum Points: Change the point value of the assessment.

For Original courses in the app, you can't edit descriptions or maximum points and the EDIT ON WEB option isn't available.

Grading in the app

You can grade Original course assignments in the app.

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