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Release Notes

Blackboard Data Reporting July 2022 Release

Continuous Delivery | Release to Production 05 July 2022
Reporting, Updated Features

The July 2022 release of Blackboard Data Reporting includes improvements in the Learning and Teaching reporting areas: 

In Learning:

  • The Engagement with Course Content tab in the Student Engagement report has been improved with our common report anatomy.
  • The Engagement with Peers and Instructors tab in the Student Engagement report has been removed and replaced with a new report called Social and Collaborative Engagement. This report contains two new tabs:
    • Learning Tools Engagement.
    • Virtual Classroom Engagement

In Teaching

  • The Course Access tab in the Instructional Practices report has been improved with our common report anatomy.
  • The Instruction and Facilitation tab has been split into two tabs, in the same report, that mirror the reports in the Engagement with Peers and Instructors report in Learning from an instructor engagement perspective.
    • Learning Tools Engagement.
    • Virtual Classroom Engagement.

All new and updated reports leverage the common report anatomy that includes, for each use case, a high-level overview, distribution, institutional hierarchy node comparison, course listing, and in the Learning reporting area the student listing.



Blackboard Data Reporting June 2022 Release

Continuous Delivery | Release to Production 15 June 2022
Reporting, Updated Features

The June 2022 release of Blackboard Data Reporting includes the following minor improvements to reports:

  • Applied a more accessible color palette to visualizations, which provides greater contrast between chart segments. 

  • A bugfix in the Course Administration report to remove deleted courses from the dataset. 

  • A bugfix to enable clients outside the US-East region to authenticate using Blackboard Login Sign in with your institutional account. Note that only institutions that have adopted Blackboard Login will be able to use this method. 

Blackboard Data Reporting May 2022 Release

Continuous Delivery | Release to Production 10 May 2022
Reporting, Updated Features, New Features 

The May 2022 release of Blackboard Data Reporting includes improvements to two reports in the Learning reporting area.

Enrollment-level detail added to:

Each of these reports now includes a table containing one row per student course enrollment, and appropriate metrics for the context of the report. This will therefore list all students on all courses within the filters you’ve selected.

The student listing includes features developed directly from feedback gathered in our Blackboard Data Insiders user group:

  • First and Last Name separation for easier sorting. 
  • A “mailto” link that will address an email to the chosen student in your default email application with one click. 
  • A comparative indicator on the “Course Access” column that indicates whether the student’s course accesses are below, within, or above the typical range for the course: 
    • 1 bar – Low – in the lowest quartile. 
      Three bar graph, one filled bar.
    • 2 bars – Normal – within the interquartile range (middle two quartiles). 
      Three bar graph, two bars filled.
    • 3 bars – High – in the top quartile. 
      Three bar graph, three bars filled.

Enhanced course listing:

The course listing has been enhanced and now includes all appropriate courses within your filter selection, where previously it included only the top/bottom 10 courses. 

Visual filtering:

To make it easier to find actionable information, these reports also use visual filtering, where your selection within a visualization will further filter the student table.  


  • In Course Access, you can select the “Inactive” segment of the donut chart, and the student table will only list inactive enrollments.  
  • You can also select a course in the course listing and its enrollments will be displayed in the student table. 

Visual filtering walkthrough video

Visual filtering is additive, so if you select both prior examples, the student table will list inactive enrollments in your chosen course only. You can reset visual filtering by selecting the funnel icon in the contextual menu of the visualization and either selecting the “X” to remove an individual filter or “Clear” to remove all visual filtering. Visual filtering is also used in the existing Course Administration report (Leading reporting area). 


As with all visualizations, you can maximize them to take up all available space, and export to CSV, using the contextual menu that appears in the top-right corner when you hover over the visualization. 

Continuous feedback

We'd like to hear your feedback on these reports or any other reports.

You can submit, comment upon, and vote for new features in the Feature Requests tab of “What’s New”.

Blackboard Data Reporting April 2022 Release

The April 2022 release of Blackboard Data Reporting includes one new report and improvements to an existing report. 

A new Grade Boundary report has been added in Learning > Student Performance and Grades that shows the proportion of enrollments below or above a given grade percentage. This report follows our standard report design and so includes advanced filtering, Institutional Hierarchy node comparison, and course-level detail. 

The Course Access tab, in Learning > Student Engagement, has been updated with the following enhancements: 

  • Improved, multi-stage Institutional Hierarchy filtering. 

  • Filters to include or exclude enrollments that are not “available” in courses or with no activity after a given number of days. 

  • “Active students” are now defined as having at least 1 course access and at least 5 minutes of activity. 

  • An additional donut chart is included that differentiates active students between “recently active” (active in the last week) and “previously active” (active, but not in the last week)  

  • A new chart is included that shows the distribution of students based on how recently they have accessed their courses. 

  • A new chart compares the activity of students in courses associated with different Institutional Hierarchy nodes. 

  • A new table lists courses and summarizes the engagement of enrolled students 

We would like to hear your feedback on this report, or any other reports, via this feedback form. Note that targeted feedback is requested via the “What’s New” pane, and you can submit, comment upon, and vote for new features in the Feature Requests tab of “What’s New”. 

Blackboard Data March 2022 Release

Continuous Delivery | Release to Production 15 March 2022
Blackboard Data, Reporting, Developer, Updated Features, New Features

  • The Blackboard Data user interface found at has been updated to provide a better experience for first-time users, including introductory information about Blackboard Data and an explanation of the new reports now available. 
  • A new Blackboard Data Developer area contains the existing Settings page for management of the Service account, as well as a convenient link to your Snowflake instance. 

New Blackboard Data Reporting March 2022 Release

Continuous Delivery | Release to Production 15 March 2022
Reporting, Updated Features, New Features

We’re pleased to announce the release of Blackboard Data Reporting, a new suite of reports to help institutional leaders to make data-informed decisions about policy and practice within the EdTech platform. 

This solution includes three reporting areas: 

  • Learning: relating to learner activity, engagement, and performance. 

  • Teaching: relating to instructional practice and course design.

  • Leading: relating to institutional success and tool adoption. Includes improved versions of the adoption reports previously in Blackboard Reporting. 

These reports comprise 21 dashboards and more than 100 visualizations and insights, and our question-focused user experience makes it easy to understand the purpose of each insight. 

Blackboard Data Reporting is included as a standard for Learn SaaS clients in eligible locations.

As this is an early release of this solution, there are some known issues relating to the accessibility of the reporting content, for which we’re working closely with AWS QuickSight,the business intelligence tool we use to develop these reports, to resolve as a matter of urgency. The reports are currently only available in US English, but we’re working on localization and expect to have the reports localized in 14 languages within Q2. 

We'd like your help in improving these reports and generating new ideas, and to support this we'll prompt users with targeted questions in the What’s New panel in the reports, where you will also find a new Feature Requests panel to enable submission and voting on new ideas. 

In order to support broader usage of these reports across your institution, we’re increasing the number of individual accounts you can request from 5 to 20, and we would encourage you to use these for institutional leaders such as: 

  • Provosts 

  • Deans 

  • Heads of eLearning/Curriculum Development 

  • Heads of Distance and Online Learning 

  • Student Success leadership 

Learn more about the Blackboard Data Reporting 



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