Ally uses LTI to integrate with your Learning Management System (LMS). LTI is a standard developed by IMS Global for secure and seamless integrations.

The standard allows users to access Ally without leaving Blackboard Learn. Forget about logging into multiple sites: LTI allows a secure exchange of information that enables a cohesive experience for your users.

There are two versions of LTI: v1.1 and v1.3. Each version requires different configuration steps. The current version is LTI v1.3. The biggest difference from previous versions is the upgraded security model based on OAuth2, OpenID Connect, and JSON Web Tokens.

Ally is moving to LTI 1.3 to take advantage of the upgraded security model.

What does this mean to you? If you are new to Ally, nothing. We do the Ally integration set up with you. But if you already have Ally integrated with your LMS, you’ll need to reconfigure your integration with LTI 1.3.

Disable the existing LTI 1.1 Ally reports

The LTI 1.1 institution report and client configuration are enabled automatically by the Ally building block. They must be disabled before a new LTI 1.3 launch is configured.

More on how to disable the existing tools

Configure your Ally integration with LTI 1.3

You’ll need to configure the LTI 1.3 integration by following this process:

  1. Disable the existing LTI 1.1 reports, if you haven't already.
  2. Register the LTI 1.3 tool in your environment.
  3. Send the LTI Deployment ID to the Ally team for configuration.
  4. Confirm report placements in your environment.

Register the tool

Register the LTI 1.3 tool in your Blackboard Learn LMS.

  1. Type the Ally Client ID for the region your institution is hosted in:
    • US data center: a08b8d26-cc3c-4be3-8506-4d422a1002bd
    • Canadian data center: aa5149a4-f4d4-4d9a-845a-d5d244dc182c
    • European data center: 05654011-e6f9-4540-bdc5-060049ae5211
    • Singapore data center: a2ac36a3-8d0e-4737-911a-479e0b560408
    • Australian data center: f43327b1-9685-4d19-a7fc-91d635be22f1
      Register tool page open with an ID pasted in the Client ID field.
  2. Select these options under Institution Policies:
    • Role in Course
    • Allow Membership Service Access
      The edit menu of an LTI tool is open with an arrow pointing to the page that opens when you select edit.
  3. Select Submit.

Send the Deployment ID to Ally

Go to Behind the Blackboard and create a support case ticket with the Deployment ID for the tool, so the Ally team can configure the integration within the Ally system.

Include this information in the support ticket:

  • LTI Deployment ID for the tool
  • Request to set up the LTI 1.3 tool

For example, My Ally LTI 1.3 integration Deployment ID is: #00000000000000000. Please set up my LTI1.3 report.

Confirm report placements

  1. Confirm the Institution Report and Ally Configuration appear in the Blackboard Learn Administrator panel under Tools and Utilities.
    The Ally configuration and institution report LTI 1.3 tools are highlighted in the Tools and Utilities list.
  2. Go to a course on Blackboard Learn and confirm the Course Accessibility Report is there.
    A course books and course tools panel is open showing the Ally report in the list of available tools.
  3. Manage the placements for the Department Reports with this information:
    • Label: Ally Department Report
    • Handle: ally.department
    • Availability: Yes
    • Type: Administrator Tool
  4. Copy and paste the appropriate link into the Target Link URI field. Replace [AllyEnvironment] with the environment information your institution is hosted in.
    • Institution report: https://institution.[AllyEnvironment]/api/v2/auth/lti/1.3/target
    • Client Configurationhttps://config.[AllyEnvironment]/api/v2/auth/lti/1.3/target
    • Course Accessibility reporthttps://course.[AllyEnvironment]/api/v2/auth/lti/1.3/target
  5. Copy and paste this information into the Tool Provider Custom Parameters field:
    A role based launch
    ally_system_roles=@[email protected]@X@ ally_secondary_institution_roles=@[email protected]_institution_role@X@ ally_primary_institution_role=@[email protected]_role@X@

    A specific launch, Replace _123_1 with the department id.
    ally_system_roles=@[email protected]@X@ ally_secondary_institution_roles=@[email protected]_institution_role@X@ ally_primary_institution_role=@[email protected]_role@X@
  6. Confirm the Departmental Report appears in the Blackboard Learn Administrator panel under Tools and Utilities.

Ally environment for your region

Use the information for the Ally environment your institution is hosted in.

  • US data center:
  • Canadian data center:
  • European data center:
  • Singapore data center:
  • Australian data center: