Turnitin support for Ultra Assignments (limited release) – 3900.74

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Impact: Instructors

For some clients, Turnitin plays a vital role in promoting ethical academic practices. Turnitin currently integrates with Ultra courses through their LTI 1.3 integration. By deepening the integration further, Turnitin can now be enabled directly on Ultra assignments. This allows student submissions to be matched against the Turnitin database.

Note: This is a limited release. Clients signed up and approved by Turnitin will gain access to the feature. Flexible Grading must be enabled to access the Originality Report scores.

A new option appears in the Assessment Settings panel to enable Turnitin.

Image 1: Instructor enables TurnItIn in Assessment Settings

instructor enables TurnItIn in Assessment Settings

Image 2: Student view - Originality Report in progress

Student view - Originality Report in progress

Image 3: Instructor view - originality score

Instructor view - originality score

For administrators: This feature is available in the Ultra Experience Management settings as “Asset Processor in Institution.”. The feature is off by default. Turn on the Turnitin Integration by setting this feature to On.

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