Accessing Service Desk

Logging In

  1. Navigate to the URL provided to you. You will be directed to the SmartView log in page
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. Select Service Desk from the Interface drop-down list
  4. Click the Log In button

Layout of SmartView Service Desk


Once logged in to Service Desk, you will see the header section, which will include:

  • The Blackboard SmartView product name
  • The department and institution name
  • The link to Advisor Desktop
  • The link for Support
  • The link to Log Out

Navigating SmartView Service Desk

Service Desk contains a page selector that allows you to navigate between the different Service Desk pages.

Page Contents

Learn more about the Case Page.


Learn more about the Profile Page.


Learn more about the Knowledge Base Page.


Learn more about the Contact Page.


Learn more about the Setup Page.


Learn more about Download Page.


The SmartView footer includes a copyright statement, a link to the Blackboard Privacy Center web page, and a link to the Blackboard Terms of Use web page.


Need help? The Advisor Desktop and Service Desk headers will include a link to obtain Support.

This link will provide two options.

  • Help will direct the user to the Blackboard SmartView User Guide on
  • Report a Problem will open a new email message (in the user's email client) that will include a pre-populated To email address, Subject, School Name, and Interface (the body of the email will also include text that will offer guidance on what information to include in the email)
    • The email will go to the SmartView product support team, and will be monitored and addressed per the SmartView Support Guide

School Name: Monument

Interface: Service Desk

Summary of the issue:
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Steps to reproduce the issue:
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Please include details of the issue (user, case number, etc.):
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Browser and version used when the issue was observed:
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