This information applies only to the Original experience.

Edit Language Packs Through the User Interface

The language pack editor allows the user to select and edit one locale bundle at a time. A locale bundle is a file that consists of a set of related text strings. For example, the file includes text strings related to the announcements feature. When a locale bundle is opened in the language pack editor, the original text appears alongside the editable text. The original text remains on the page as a reference once the text string is translated, so users may always refer back to it.

Edit a locale bundle

Users may edit any language packs that have been imported or copied. Supported language packs, the ones that are included with Blackboard Learn, may not be edited. They may be copied and used as the reference language when creating a new language pack.

  1. Select Language Packs on the Administrator Panel.
  2. Select Edit in the language pack's menu.
  3. Accept the Terms of Use and select Submit.
  4. Select Edit in the menu for the appropriate locale bundle.
  5. Use the Hide/Show Comments option to choose whether or not to display comments included in the locale bundle. If turned on, these comments appear in the Reference Language column and provide descriptive information about the text strings.
  6. Use the Reference Language list to select a different Reference Language. The system default automatically appears, but translators may change this at any time.
  7. Add the new text for each string in the appropriate field in the Edit Text column.
  8. Select Submit. All content in the New Language column is saved.

Search a locale bundle

If the user is making small modifications to an existing language pack, the search feature may be helpful. This feature allows the user to select all of the locale bundle for a specific word or phrase. For example, to create a language pack that changes the term 'course' to 'section', use this feature to find all of the places where the term must be changed.

  1. Select Language Packs on the Administrator Panel.
  2. Select Edit in the language pack's menu.
  3. Enter the appropriate term in the Search file contents field and select Go.
  4. A list of all of the locale bundles that include text strings where this word or phrase appears is displayed.
  5. Select Edit in a file name's menu. See the instructions above for editing a locale bundle; edit each bundle one at a time.