The What's New module reports on additions and changes to course content and is available only if your institution has access to community engagement features. This module displays the number of new items for each content type and provides a link to that content. The module displays items going back seven days. The following content types are reported in the module:

  • Assessments
  • Assignments
  • Content
  • Unread blog entries, journal entries, and discussion board posts

The What's New module does not report to users when adaptively released content becomes available. It only reports content that is made available to all users in the course.

The What's New module reports changes once a day. Users see updates the first time they log in for the day. Any changes made after the user logs in is not shown in the What's New module until the next day unless the user accesses the Actions list and selects Refresh.

Users see updates for a course if the course is available and the user is a participant in the course. Keep in mind that if a guest user is enrolled in any courses, the What's New module will report data on these courses to anyone that accesses the system as the guest user.