Administrators are responsible for enabling and managing areas in the Content Collection Library.

The Library is used to post eReserves, electronic manuscripts, and other institution resources. It is fully integrated with Blackboard Learn, making the Library a powerful and flexible way to share and distribute materials.

By default, there are two main areas within the Library:

  • Library Content
  • eReserves

Administrators can also add areas to the Library by adding top-level folders. By default, only administrators have permission to manage the Library, therefore permission needs to be granted to any users who will be managing and organizing the Library. Permissions can be granted to top-level folders or to only certain subfolders. Any user who has manage permission on the top-level folder can grant permissions for sub-folders within it.

Designate a librarian to help keep this content organized.

Library content

The Library Content area can be organized according to your institution's specific needs, and is intended for content shared across the entire organization. By default, all users have read access to all items in the Library Content folder.


The eReserves area within the Library that contains materials for which access must be controlled, such as documents with copyrights. This area can be made available only for courses. The folders displayed are for the courses you are enrolled in. Select Show All Folders to view all folders, not just the ones enrolled you are enrolled in.

The eReserves area is not available for organizations.

The eReserves area is organized automatically by course, and each course in Blackboard Learn has a corresponding folder in eReserves. Because folders in the eReserves area are created automatically, additional folders cannot be added, and existing ones cannot be moved, deleted, or renamed.

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