Keeping up with TCPA regulations.

In July 2015 the FCC issued new rules regarding the use of automated messaging systems, which impact how you use Blackboard Connect/Blackboard Mass Notification.

As these changes have already resulted in legal action being taken against several institutions, we are taking a proactive approach with the follow initiatives to help you maintain compliance.

What is the TCPA?

The Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) designed the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) to address the growing number of marketing calls. As a result, Connect 5/Blackboard Mass Notification now includes an opt-out feature on non-emergency messages for members of your community.

To learn more about the TCPA standards, check out the following documents:

Product updates

New tools within Connect/Mass Notification will help your organization stay compliant with the new rules while maintaining optimal communication with your audiences. This update includes:

  • Automatic flagging of deactivated mobile numbers.
  • Updates to opt-out and do-not-contact reports.
  • Check box to verify that the content of a message is of an emergency nature.

Text messaging changes

  • Expansion of character limits to 300 characters.
  • The addition of an opt-out footer in all text messages.
  • Suppressing the opt-out footer for emergency messages will be available in a subsequent mid-September release.
  • Short-code SMS messaging will be enabled for all clients.

Phone changes

  • Outreach phone calls will now include the ability for users to opt-out. Emergency calls will remain unchanged.