Oturum katılım raporu

Session Attendance Report Introduction

The Session attendance report provides an overview of when attendees joined and left sessions. It also gives you an idea of how long attendees were present in the session on average.

All attendees are counted. It doesn't matter if they join from a browser or a mobile app.

If your sessions are used more than once, there is a report for each time it was used.

Select View report to see the full report. See when each participant joined and left the session. With this knowledge, check in with individual participants to see if they were having any technical issues or need a quick review of what was presented and discussed.

Oturum raporlarını görüntüleme

Raporları, Blackboard Collaborate aracınızda bulunan oturum listesinde görüntüleyebilirsiniz.

  1. Raporunu görüntülemek istediğiniz oturumu seçin ve Oturum seçenekleri menüsünü seçin.
  2. Raporları görüntüle'yi seçin.

Raporları görüntüle seçeneğini göremiyorsanız sisteminizde bulunmuyor demektir.

Yöneticiler tüm oturumlara ait raporları görüntüleyebilirler. Daha fazla bilgi için bkz. Yöneticiler için oturum katılım raporu.

Print Session Attendance Report

Export and print reports

Create a printable version of the full report.

  1. Find the report you want to print and select View report.
    • Select Printable and print the page.

      The printable version of the report includes all participants for the date range selected. If you filter your report by user and select Printable, the printable version shows all users. Not just the one searched for.

    • Select Export to CSV to export the report.

CSV export column names

  • Name: Name of a unique attendee
  • Role: Role of attendee
    • Moderator
    • Presenter
    • Participant
  • Type: Type of attendee, did the attendee log in with their user account or join as a guest
  • First Join: Date and time when the attendee first joined the session
  • Last Leave: Date and time when the attendee last left the session
  • Total time: The total time the attendee was in the session
  • Joins: The number of times the attendee joined and/or reconnected to the session

    A higher number of joins could mean the attendee was having connectivity issues

Raporları filtreleme

Rapor listenizi tarih aralığına ve katılımcıya göre filtreleyin.

  • Tarih aralığına göre: Ana Raporlar sayfasında, Raporları Göster menüsünde Belirli Bir Aralıktaki Raporları Göster 'i seçin.
  • Katılımcıya göre: Tam rapor sayfasında Ara'yı seçin. Aradığınız katılımcının adını yazın.

Session ID Session Attendance Report

Session ID

The Session ID in the report is a unique session identifier. It includes information Blackboard support can use to troubleshoot issues with the session.

  1. Submit a case on Behind the Blackboard (available in English only)
  2. Describe your issue in detail. The more detail the better.
  3. Include these details in the description.
    • Session identifier
    • Session name
    • Start and end date and times