1. Login to the site

Your school can choose to create your profile for you. In this case, your administrator provides you with a username and password for you to log into the website.

Your institution may allow users to login as a guest. Guests may have access to view courses.

  1. Select Log in.

    How it looks in Snap

    How it looks in another theme

  2. Type your Username and Password.
  3. Select Log in.

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2. Edit your profile

If enabled, you can update your profile information. Update your profile picture, your email address, your website address, and other profile settings. You can also change your password information, and set language preferences.

Update your profile settings

My profile settings allow users to change basic account information and site preferences.

  1. Access your preferences.
    Steps in Snap: My Courses > Your name > Preferences
    Steps in other themes: Your name > Profile > Preferences
  2. Select Edit profile.
  3. Determine profile preferences and make the necessary changes. Required information is marked with an asterisk.
    • Update your name information.
    • Enter your email address and select if you want to display your email address on the site.
    • Update your location and time zone as needed.
    • Select your preferred design theme for your course pages.
    • Add a description about yourself.
    • Update your picture for your profile.
    • Add any nicknames or how to pronounce your name.
    • Add any other contact information.
  4. Select Update profile to save the changes.

3. Enter your courses

Courses contain a collection of activities and resources supplied by your teacher for you to access and complete.

  1. Log in to the site.
  2. Choose the course from the My Courses area:
    Steps in Snap: Select your Profile and select the course.
    Steps in other themes: Navigate to My Courses and select the course.

How it looks in Snap

How it looks in another theme

Snap allows you to favorite a course by selecting the star icon in the course card. This functionality remains across themes, which means no matter where you mark a course as a favorite or which theme you use, the course consistently remains a favorite.

4. Navigate your course

Teachers can choose from several design themes for their courses, and they can format the courses according to how they teach. This section goes over courses in the Snap theme. More information for navigating courses is linked below.

Find your way around Snap

Snap is a theme that presents courses in a modern and intuitive layout. Snap is responsive so you can access courses from any device. The structure of Snap promotes a focus on the learning content. It presents the content in a single column. Information flows from top to bottom.

Each section or topic is a separate web page. This helps you focus on each topic without any distractions.

At the start of each course is a table of contents. The table of contents creates a clear overview of the course structure. This structure means you can navigate to each section in the course with ease. If completion tracking is enabled, it also shows your progress through each section in the course.

Course tools are in one simple location. Select Course Dashboard in the table of contents to go to them. Blocks are also found in this area.

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5. Submit assignments

Assignments allow your teachers to collect your work, review it, and provide you feedback including grades. Depending on how an assignment is configured, you can submit files (Word-processed documents, spreadsheets, images, audio, video clips) or type your response directly into a text box.

Submit an assignment

Steps in Snap: Assignment > Add submission

Steps in other themes: Assignment > Add submission

Find the assignment and select the title. You can find assignments in your course and from the calendar.

If your institution uses the Snap theme, you can also find assignments in your Personal menu. Select your name and avatar at the top of the page to open your Personal menu.

  1. Open the assignment.
  2. Select Add submission.
  3. Type Online text or add File submissions, if required.
  4. Select Save changes.

You can review the Submission status, add Submission comments, or edit your submission.

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6. Submit quizzes

Instructors use quizzes to assess your mastery over course content and objectives.

Your answers are submitted for grading, and the results are recorded in the Gradebook. You can view your grades when your instructor makes them available to you.

Take a quiz

Steps in Snap: Quiz > Attempt quiz now

Steps in other themes: Quiz > Attempt quiz now

  1. On the Navigation menu, select My Courses, and then select the name of a course.
  2. Navigate to the quiz and select the associated link.
  3. Select Attempt quiz now.
  4. Answer the questions.
  5. At the end of a quiz you can view a summary of your attempt. You are shown if any questions have not been answered and if you have any flagged questions.
  6. Select Return to attempt to finish the quiz if you need to answer a question. Select Submit all and finish to submit the quiz to your teacher.

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7. Using Forums

There are many ways you can access forums.

Go to your course and find the Open forum activity.

Add discussion topics

Steps: Open forum > Add a new discussion

  1. From the Open forum, select Add a new discussion.
  2. Type a meaningful Subject and Message. Select Use advanced editor if you want to format your description.
  3. Select Submit.


Steps: Open forum > Discussion topic > Reply

You can reply to discussion topics and other replies.

  1. Select a recent discussion.
  2. Select Reply beneath the post you want to reply to.
  3. Type a subject for your post.
  4. Type your post or discussion thread.
  5. Select Submit.

Your reply appears under the original post.

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8. View your grades

Steps in Snap: Course Dashboard > Gradebook

Steps in other themes: Course administration > Gradebook

From the Gradebook you can view overview and user reports.

  • Overview report: See how you are doing overall for each course.
  • User report: See how you are doing on each assignment, quiz, and activity in the course. You can select the activity name to view the submission.

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9. View badges

If your institution uses badges, you can set preferences for displaying your badges.

Steps in Snap: My Courses > Your name > Preferences

Steps in other themes: Your name > Profile > Preferences

  • Choose to display badges - select Badge preferences and select or clear Automatically show badges I earn on my profile page.
  • Manage badges - select Manage badges, and search for the badge to update.

View badges

Teachers award badges based on a set of criteria determined at the site or course level. Depending on the course page design, you can view badges through the course tools, or through navigation block.

  1. Log into the site.
  2. Access the badges:
    • Steps in Snap: Select your course, then select Course Dashboard > Course badges.
    • Steps in other themes: In the Navigation block, under the Site pages menu, select Site badges.

      How it looks in Snap

      How it looks in another theme

You will see any badges awarded to you.

10. View Certificates

If enabled, your teacher can award a certificate when you finish different sections or assignments in a course. Your teacher may send you a message when you receive a certificate.

  1. Log in and navigate to the course where you received the certificate.
  2. Locate the certificate and select Get your certificate.

Students can view and print a certificate, download the certificate, or receive an email message with the certificate attached. The options available depend on settings a teacher selects when building the certificate.