Add a New Course

Steps: Administration > Site administration > Courses > Manage courses and categories

There are many settings available when adding a new course manually. To learn more about advanced settings, see Advanced Course Settings.

  1. From Site administration select Courses and Manage courses and categories.
  2. Select the category where you want to add the course.
  3. Select Create new course.
  4. In the Edit course settings page, configure the General information about the course. A course full name, short name, and category are required.
    • Type the name of the course in the Course full name box.
    • Type the short name of the course in the Course short name box.
    • Update the Course category if needed. 
    • Determine if the course is Visible in the website course list.
    • Select the first week of the course in the Course start date box.
    • If you normally upload courses, type the Course ID number from your external tool.
  5. Configure the course details in the Description area:
    • Type the full Course summary as a description.
    • Upload an image in the Course summary files box. Select the Add icon to search for and upload a course image.
  6. Select Save changes.
  7. Enroll an instructor in the course from the Enrolled Users page:
    • Select Enroll users.
    • From the Enroll users dialog, select Teacher from the Assign roles list.
    • If you know the name of the instructor, type the name in the Search box.
    • Select Enroll for the user you want to set as the instructor for the course.
    • Select Finish enrolling users.
  8. To update the instructor's role for the course, select the Roles box and select any additional roles to add to the instructor.

Add courses from a template

It's possible to specify a course and its settings to use as a template for future courses.

Site Administration > Courses > Upload courses

Use an existing course as a template

Create or locate the course you want to use as a template. Make a note of its shortname. You need to use this shortname later in the process.