Progress Tracking: Status and Filter updates for Submission View - 3900.46

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Impact: Instructors, System and Course Roles with privileges to copy content

Instructors need clear information about the status of student progress in a course. In the past, the submission view of tests, assessments, and discussions had a single "Status" column.

Image 1. Before - Assessment submission view

Before - Assessment submission view

Image 2. Before - Discussion submission view

Before - Discussion submission view

We have split this column into two:

  • Student Status
  • Grading Status

This change provides instructors with greater clarity while grading and supporting students.

We have also separated the current filter to allow compound filtering between the two columns. The default for filters is to show everything. The filter resets every time the instructor accesses the submission view.

Image 3. After - Assessment submission view
After - Assessment submission view

Image 4. After - Discussion submission view

After - Discussion submission view

There are slight differences in filtering options based on role. When selecting two graders per student, the filters change:

  • Graders do not have the "needs posting" filter
  • Reconcilers have the "needs to reconcile" option

These changes will not apply to anonymous grading, journals, or group assessments/tests.

For administrators: This feature is available for all Ultra courses. There are no configurations needed.

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