Blackboard Achieve report updates

Continuous Delivery | Release to Production 15 December 2020
Updated features, Blackboard Achieve

This feature is only available to clients with the Blackboard Achieve license.

In this release we updated filters, calculations, and dimensions in the Blackboard Achieve reports to improve the experience and data presented.


We’ve narrowed the options in the Course role filter to exclude the guest role. Now you can choose from roles like instructors and graders or roles like course builders. You can also now filter by more than one course ID in the Course ID filter.

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Learner engagement dimensions

The learner engagement dimensions used in the Learner Activity and Performance Alignment report were updated to align with the Learner Activity & Performance report.

  • Time in tools is now Time in course materials. This dimension captures the minutes learners engage with course materials.
  • Interaction count is now Social and collaborative interactions. This dimension captures the learner interactions in social and collaborative learning activities.

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