Connect to your Google Drive™ folders

The Google Folder app allows users to connect with a folder you created within Google Drive™ - a file storage and synchronization service created by Google. Create, edit, and maintain your documents from any location. Files are stored in the cloud and editable in a browser. This means you don't have to be at your classroom desk or on the school network to make changes. 

Your site administrator must download and import the Google Folder Custom App before you can add it to your pages and connect.


Download the Google Folder app

This app is a WCM custom app that must be downloaded to use.

Add the Google Folder app

Drag the Google Folder app onto your page.

Items marked with a red asterisk are required

Select the purple arrow to expand the panel, giving you more room to work!

  1. Type or paste your Google Drive Shareable Link.
  2. Select the View Type.
  3. Type the Container Height in pixels.
  4. Select Activate on my page to display the content on your page.
  5. Select Save.

Set additional options

  1. Select Options.
  2. Type the App Name to use as the title.
  3. Type the Description, and select Show the app name on my page.
  4. Choose the Display Settings for the number of posts to list. Select Display all active app records or Display a specific number of active app records and set the Record Limit.

Sharing and social settings

Want to share your content with another group or user? From the Sharing tab, you can choose groups to share your content.

More on social settings for this app

Google folder user guide