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ULTRA: Access course messages

Users can view messages for all their courses on one page or for one course at a time.

Messages in base navigation

Users access their global Messages pages from the list where their names appear first—the base navigation. Messages are organized by course. Everyone can use messages for reminders, quick questions, and social interactions.

If your institution allows the dual course approach, users can view messages from both the Ultra and Original Course Views. This information also applies to organizations.

Users can send messages to each other, multiple people, or an entire class. Messages activity remains inside the system, and no one has to worry about email addresses that may be incorrect or outdated.

Messages in a course

In the Original Course View, instructors can access messages on the Control Panel > Course Tools > Course Messages or from a customized link they add to the course menu. Students can access course messages from the customized link or from the Tools page.

In the Ultra Course View, all users can access messages on the navigation bar. The course Messages page displays all the messages that are specific to the course users are in.

Configure messages

In the Ultra experience, the course messages tool is always on for your users. You can't turn it off.

For Original Course View messages, you can manage two settings in the Admin Panel > Tools and Utilities > Course Messages.

You can choose whether to allow users to include file attachments with messages and create personal folders. If you disable these functions, you may help save disk space and prevent users from storing content in course messages. By default, users may not add file attachments to messages, and users may not create personal folders.

ULTRA: What do users see?

In this short video, learn how to send and read messages.

View messages from the instructor's point of view. Use your browser's back function to return here.